EPIC designs, integrates and installs production lines for complete automated packaging systems.  We utilize advanced line evaluation, 3D modeling, integration and automation to transform individual pieces of machinery and equipment into fully functional Packaging Lines.

With over 17 years of plant and industrial experience; our talented engineers and craftsmen specify and fit machinery seamlessly throughout each packing line.  EPIC provides a wide variety of solutions for: Raw Material Handling, Finished Product Supply Delivery Systems, Packaging Lines, Line Automation and Palletizing.

EPIC’s engineers work inside manufacturing plants every day, and provide a single point of contact for complete production line integration.  Our team provides mechanical and electrical installation with a unique understanding of packaging machinery specifications and design.

We have a comprehensive network of machinery providers with a variety of price points and technology options for every packaging system. After installation, EPIC fully supports start-up from commissioning, qualification and validation.  We understand customer operations, providing technical documentation for training and support.

Founded in 1995, EPIC Systems is located in St. Louis, MO USA and is dedicated to Moving American Manufacturing Forward. We focus on using American raw materials, value skilled American workers and apply the latest technology advances. We innovate through workforce training, continual integration & fabrication improvements. Find out more about The EPIC Turnkey Advantage or contact us to talk to a member of our engineering team.

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